Product categories

Skill Training Boost Bundles

Amplify your aptitude with single-purchase training boost bundles, supplying Cerebral Accelerators to increase training speed and unallocated Skill Points to apply however you choose!

Add Omega Time

Upgrade to Omega Clone state and unlock double skill training speed, access to advanced skills, a wide range of EVE's biggest and best ships, full access to the contracts system of trading, and more.


PLEX is an in-game item that can be traded for millions in ISK, and to pay for Omega Clone State game time, ship and character customization, plus MCT and more.

Starter Packs

Single purchase bundles and value packs include Omega, PLEX, Skill Points, great SKINs and apparel, giving you the best start in EVE!

Multiple Character Training

Train more characters to grow your influence in New Eden! MCT lets you skill up an alternative character with ease. Activate one or more certificates to get up to two more skill queues per account! MCT cannot be traded and may only be used by active Omega accounts.

Career Packs

Try out different careers and speed up your progress.

Skill Management

Achieve more in EVE with skill management! Daily Alpha Injectors give Alphas a shot of 50,000 Skill Points (SP) per day, up to a 20m SP cap. Skill Extractors let you pull 500,000 SP from pilots with at least 5.5m SP for reallocation or trade.